About us

onembps.com is a professional web development company. We offer premium web solutions for various individuals and corporates. We have clients from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, France and India. Our work ranges from simple portfolio websites to video-hosting websites with user community. All our works generates Search engine friendly (SEO optimized) XHTML, which is helpful for search engines to crawl the site.

Why onembps?

At onembps, we understand that a website is not just a site for your business, but its a representation of your business identity online. In this modern era, everyone would want to know about your business through your website and this is where you have to impress the visitors. While a good website means a positive feedback to the visitor about your business, at the same time, a bad website will make negative impression about your business - even though you may be having a wonderful business running.

Its not only the design that matters for website. Web development is half-art and half-science. If you have a beautiful artwork or animations in your site, it will be appealing to the visitor. But after the initial 'wow!', they will be looking for the navigation where they often find lost, or some fonts may be smaller and the text colors may not be matching with the background resulting in poor readability. Some sites also come with scrolling contents that pass-by even before we read. These are very bad practices. As the main purpose of a website is communication, and if it can't communicate properly, even though the design may be the best in the world, it will not add any value to your business.

Today, If anyone wants to know about a company or product, they will take the browser and search Google or any other search engines for what they want. So its important to keep search engines in mind while we design our site. If search engine bots are not able to read the contents of your site, then your site will not be shown in the search results. Bots cannot read images or Flash. So if your site has contents written inside Flash or images, they won't know about it. Only humans can recognize the contents in the image. So it will be a bad practice to write contents inside image or Flash. Of course we can have a Flash animation banner, but its advisable not to add much content to it. Or a better way would be to have a 'jquery' slideshow instead of Flash.

We are a small team of web developers, with more than 5 years experience in web technologies, mainly focusing in PHP/Drupal related technology. At Onembps, we develop websites with a good design, navigational structure and typography. Apart from that, all our websites generate search engine friendly , valid XHTML.

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